Vijaya Deverakonda Fans Get Lucky With 5 Days Manali Holiday Trip

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Tollywood actor Vijaya Deverakonda has become Santa for his fans, as he is sending a holiday trip to his 100 lucky fans.

Recently, Vijaya Deverakonda shared a video, updating on DevaraSanta 2022 Campaign, breaking the exciting news that he is going to send 100 people, all 18 years and above on a 5 days holiday trip.  The 33 year old actor would take care of all the expenses, including tickets, food, accommodation, tour and sightseeing.

In the video shared on Instagram, Vijaya Deverakonda said, “Happy New Year, my loves. This is a ‘DeveraSanta Update’. I told you that I am going to send 100 of you on an all-expenses paid trip holiday, food, travel, and accommodation on me. I asked you guys where you want to go and every pole chose the mountains, so to the mountains we go.”  He further added, “I am sending hundreds of you on a 5-day trip to Manali. You’re going to see snow capped mountains, you’re going to see temples, monasteries and we have lots of activities planned! I am sorry, you have to be 18 plus. But if you are 18+ and you have been following me, just fill the attached #DeveraSanta Google document form and we are going to pick 100 of you and send you on this incredible holiday.”


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It is to be noted, Vijaya Deverakonda started this tradition of gifting his fans randomly two years ago.  In the first DeveraSanta Campaign, the actor selected 50 fans, who follow him on social media and gifted them gifts personally.  For the second time, the Tollywood actor put up a story, asking fans to tell their wishes and he would try to fulfil them.

Early this year, the actor announced 100 lucky fans, who received Rs. 10,000 cash as a christmas gift. Now, the actor has announced another set of 100 fans, who would be getting the New Year gift, a trip to Manali soon. 

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