AIB is a comedy group that falls into trouble with the law quite often. A FIR was filed against them at the Karni Vihar Police Station in Jaipur on the 2nd of June.

The FIR was filed by Rohina Chhabra from Jaipur as the AIB group used the woman’s number in one of their videos titled ‘If Apps were People.’ The video went viral in the month of May and Rohina was bombarded with phone calls from fans around the world.

Rohina and her husband have a four month old baby and life has become hard with the continuous calls she’s been receiving on her phone.

Rohina spoke to mango News and said, “I have my four months baby and every time I only have to go to police station. Nobody is helping me out from their side. In the case of PM Modi, because he’s Prime Minister, the Mumbai police took action immediately. Just because I’m a common citizen, nobody is helping me out and nobody is considering.”

Last week Mumbai police immediately took action against Tanmay Bhatt from AIB for a meme of Narendra Modi with the ears and nose of a dog. The meme was harmless and caused no issues for anyone but on the other hand, the number displayed in the video caused a lot of distress to Rohina and action has still not been taken.

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mango NEWS contacted the Investigating Officer, Vinod Kumar, who informed us a notice was sent to all the four members of AIB, Tanmay Bhatt, Ashish Shakya, Rohan Joshi and Gursimran Khamba.

After they received the notice they beeped the mobile number in the video but the damage is already done.

Although, the mobile number was beeped the people who initially watched the video still have the number and call Rohina at least once in two days. The number of calls significantly decreased from nearly 50 to 40 calls a day.

Rohina’s extended family is unaware of the issue and are only emphasizing on the fact that her number was part of an obscene video on the internet. This has led to a number of judgments towards her and her family.

Rohina is only looking for a public apology from the group which has not been done.

After the FIR was filed a representative by the name Saurabh Abbi came to Jaipur with a letter from AIB. The letter stated that they did nothing wrong. The exact content of the letter is not being revealed even after questioning the investigating officer.

mango News has been trying to get in touch with Saurabh Abbi who is not responding after repeatedly calling him. The least AIB could do is to make a public apology for their own negligence that has caused unnecessary stress to Rohina’s family.

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