Zomato Launches ZEL For Customers

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Zomato, one of the online food services of India, on the 20th of May, launched its new scheme for users, the Zomato Election League (ZEL.)

Similar to the Zomato premier league, in this offer, customers need to predict the new Prime Minister of India.

The correct prediction will get an offer of 40% off on their order and 30% cashback.

Approximately, 3,20,000 people in 250 and plus cities participated in the ZEL.

Zomato, on the 20th of May released a statement stating, “Users will get a base 40 per cent discount every time they order and 30 per cent cashback if their predictions are true.”

This could be a great scheme for Zomato to increase their sales and attract lots of customers.

The discounts issued by Zomato will be added in the customer’s  Zomato wallet.

A customer can use the offer for more than one order and predict the next Prime Minister (PM) many times.

The  offer is valid till the 22nd of May, once the results will be announced, the one who predicted next PM correctly will get the discounts.

The results of the Lok Sabha elections is scheduled to be announced on the 23rd of May.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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