Android Q – New Features To Look Forward

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On the 7th of May, Android officially launched its brand new operating system, Android Q. Coming to the new generation of Android phones, this new operating system brings with it a series of exciting features. Here is what you can expect from Google’s Android Q:

1. Live Caption

Live Caption is perhaps one of the most exciting features of Android Q, primarily focused on people who are hearing impaired. From bringing real time captions to videos, podcasts and to help with audio visuals, this feature works when the device is both offline and online. What makes this feature all the more accessible is that people can watch the video even when its on mute. Once the feature is enabled, it automatically starts captioning the media playing on the phone. The only drawback? This feature is only available in English right now.

2. Focus Mode

Built on the Digital Wellbeing feature almost a year ago, Focus Mode is another exciting feature coming soon on Android phones. Announced last year, this new feature will let users temporarily disable apps which users might find distracting. The new feature lets people set limits on the time they want the app to be blocked for and if you extend the limit there is also a reward factor! A win-win situation right there!

3. Dark Theme

The Dark Theme is perhaps one of the most exciting features people are waiting for with in the Android Q update. This theme can be enabled by switching to the battery saving mode. Not only is it easier on the eyes, it also helps save your phone’s battery. For now, the theme is available only for apps which are directly available on the Android smartphone. Whether it will be available for downloadable apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat or not, is still not known.

4. Privacy

Android is going all the way with the privacy feature in Android Q. Not only can you stop your apps  from getting access to your location, you can make sure there is absolutely no access to your phone’s location at any point! Furthermore, to make sure tracking is completely prevented, Android Q limits access to non resettable device identifiers, including device IMEI, serial number, and similar identifiers. When devices are connected to the WiFi, it randomises the MAC address so as to make sure tracking is not possible by any means. 

5. Navigation through gestures

Android Q has upped the navigation by introducing a new navigation mode which hides the navigation bar and allows apps to use the full screen to deliver its content. Users can access this feature by using two gestures. While swiping up from the bottom of the screen takes the user to the Home screen, holding brings up Recents.

Apart from these major features, Android Q is also introducing a series of features like Smart Reply and 5G network for the first time on Android smartphones! The final version will be available to all the users after Google receives feedback from the beta users.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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