Google Accidentally Announces New Phones

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For months now, the tech world is rife with speculations about a new pair of Pixel phones from Google.

After keeping fans guessing about the phones, Google accidentally revealed the launch of the new Pixel phones on its online store.

Found by 9to5 Google on Google Play Console, a software which allows Android developers to manage the apps they create on the Google Play Store, the new phones were found under the codenames Bonito and Sargo.

The Play Console revealed what features one can expect from the phones. From having a fabric case to coming in mid range prices, here is what one can expect from the new series:

5.6 inch and 6.0 inch OLED Displays
440 DPI
12.2 MP rear camera

This is going to be the first time ever that Google launches a toned down version of its smartphones. While the previous Pixel phones were created for a niche market, the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL seem to be made for everyone.

The launch date of the phones has not been finalised yet. According to sources, the phones are expected to launch during Google’s annual meeting in May this year.

Despite Google taking the phones off its website, enough data was captured in the few hours the products were on the internet.

Looking at how well the earlier Pixel models were received, it is going to be extremely interesting to see when Google is going to officially launch the new phones.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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