Hyderabad – Auto Driver Stabbed By Relative

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On the night of the 25th of June, a man allegedly stabbed a 25 year old auto driver to death at Narsingi road, Hyderabad.

The auto driver was identified as Chand, a resident of Kohinoor Enclave in Alkapuri Colony, Narsingi. The accused was identified as Rehman, a relative of Chand.

The incident took place around 8:30 P.M., on the 25th of June, when Rehman, after a heated argument with Chand, allegedly stabbed him with a knife.

The Narsingi Police investigated the case and after an initial investigation, it was revealed, Chand’s niece was married to Rehman. However, two months ago, she died of illness, due to which, Chand held a grudge against Rehman and his family. Chand threatened to kill Rehman if he remarries.

Due to a heated argument on the 25th of June regarding the same issue, Rehman, in anger, attacked Chand, which led to the latter’s immediate death.

After the incident, Rehman surrendered himself to the Narsingi Police and confessed his crime.

The Narsingi Police registered a case against Rehman and took him under custody.

Although it is an open and shut case, the Police is investigating the case.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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