Hyderabad: NGO Rescues Four Year Old Girl

Balala Hakkula Sangam NGO rescued a four year old girl in Hyderabad. The girl was burnt with a hot iron spoon, beaten and pinched by her mother’s live in partner.

The NGO rescued the girl after her neighbors informed a local politician who passed the message to the activist Achyutha Rao. The members of Balala Hakkula Sangam reached the place and rescued the girl. The four year old told her story to the members of the NGO.

The girl said, “My daddy burnt me when I was eating.” She further added that her father hit her first and later put the hot iron spoon on her. She narrated about the tortures she went through at her home. A case is registered against the mother and her live in partner.

According to sources, the child’s mother had left her husband and was living with another man. The differences between the woman and her new partner were the reasons for the ill treatment. The couple used to vent out their frustration on the innocent child. The NGO took the child to a Government run home where she will be given shelter and an education.



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