Hyderabad – TV 9 CEO Ravi Prakash Accused In Forgery Case?

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Cyberabad Cyber Crime Police, on the 9th of May, registered a case against Ravi Prakash, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Associated Broadcasting Company Limited (ABCL.)

ABCL is a media company which runs several news channels including TV 9 Telugu, which is situated in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

The Cyberabad Cyber Crime Police conducted searches at all the properties of Ravi Prakash and seized his documents.

According to sources, Ravi Prakash allegedly forged the signature of Kaushik Rao, the Secretary of Alanda Media Entertainment.

Recently, Alanda Media Entertainment bought 90 % shares of ABCL and wanted to appoint three new directors.

However, Mr. Prakash was against the decision of hiring new directors, following which, he forged the signature of Kaushik Rao and wrote a letter to the Board.

According to the forged documented letter, Kaushik Rao said, he does not want to be the Director of the newly company formed by the merging of Alanda Media Entertainments and ABCL.

The case came to light, after Kaushik Rao, on the 24th of April, approached the Cyberabad Police and filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Prakash.

The FIR states, “Mr. Shivaji along with Ravi Prakash created false and fabricated antedated documents with malice and fraudulent intention wherein Mr. Shivaji allegedly entered into a share purchase agreement on ante date with Ravi Prakash and paid the total amount since the transfer of shares was not effected till date.”

The Cyberabad Police investigated the matter and said, “Mr. Prakash was against the decision of the new promoters and forged the documents.”

However, Mr. Prakash, who was said to be absconding, dismissed all the rumours and held a press conference. During the press conference, Mr. Prakash said, the cases against him are false and someone is trying to frame him in a fake case.

Mr. Prakash said, “The case is before (the) National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and would come up for hearing on May 16 and some people are trying to implicate me in false cases.”

The Cyberabad Police asked Prakash to appear before the Police on the 10th of May and initiated an investigation regarding the same.

The investigation is underway. Stay tuned for further updates.


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