INC – No Letter Sent To MHA

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Even as the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) investigated complaints of a threat to Rahul Gandhi’s life, senior leaders from the Indian National Congress (INC) denied even sending the letter.

In a letter sent on the tenth of April, INC wrote to the MHA saying party President Rahul Gandhi’s life is in serious danger. The letter said at a party rally in Amethi, there was a green laser shone on Gandhi’s head at least seven times.

Despite looking into the matter, the INC in a fresh twist of events said on the 12th of April it had not sent a letter about the threat to the MHA.

When asked how newspapers got hold of the letter to the MHA, senior Congress leaders said they have no idea. “There is no letter, no complaint. Let me make it very clear, that the obligation of security, especially during election time, and in particular for an SPG protectee, is squarely on SPG, on security forces, and ultimately in some sense on the MHA. I have no doubt that they are aware of their full responsibility to discharge their duties as the ultimate protector,” Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi told the media.

On its part, the MHA also denied receiving letters from the INC about the threat on Gandhi’s life and a breach in the president’s security.

However, despite denying receiving the letter, the MHA conducted a probe into the matter. According to the results of the probe, the green dots were actually caused because of lights which emitted from a phone taking a video.

With both the MHA and the INC denying the presence of a letter of this kind, this matter seems strange, to say the least.

Stay tuned for more updates on the issue as and when we get them!


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