India Demands The Abolition Of Article 370

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After the recent deadly attack in Pulwama, on the 14th of February, the citizens of India demanded the abolition of Article 370 from the Constitution of India, in Jammu and Kashmir.

The outraged citizens of India took to Twitter and urged the Government to scrap Article 370, which contains special provisions for the residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

Article 370 gives an autonomous status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. One of the major provisions of Article 370 is, the residents of the State live under a separate set of laws with regard to citizenship, ownership of property and other fundamental laws.

Under Article 370, disrespecting the national flag is not considered a criminal offence in Jammu and Kashmir. Further, as per this Article, rights such as the Right to Information (RTI) and the Right To Education (RTE) are not applicable in the State.

The citizens of India want the Article to be eliminated from the Constitution so that the Government of India (GoI) has complete control over Jammu and Kashmir. As of now, both India and Pakistan have control over the State. The scrapping of the article will pave the way for the GoI to impose the same rules and laws in Jammu and Kashmir which are followed across the Country.

According to the public, the number of terror attacks in India, especially in the State, will reduce if the Article is removed from the Constitution of India.

Akhil Bharatiya Mahasabha, on the 17th of February, protested against Article 370.

The Mahasabha organised an event at Jantar Mantar, Delhi and asked the Central Government to abolish the Article. The protest was led by Ravindra Kumar Dwivedi, the Vice President of Hindu Mahasabha. The protesters also burnt effigies at the venue as a mark of protest against terrorism and Pakistan.

People across India took to Twitter and expressed their support towards the cause of abolishing Article 370, with #RemoveArticle370.



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