Mahua Moitra Issues Breach Of Privilege Motion

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Mahua Moitra, a Member of Parliament (MP) of the Trinamool Congress (TMC,) on the 4th of July, filed a breach of privilege motion against Zee TV and its editor, Sudhir Chaudhary.

The breach of privilege motion is a notice moved by any member of the Lok Sabha against someone who is found guilty of breach of privilege.

Ms. Mahua said, “I have submitted a breach of privilege motion today against Zee TV and its editor Sudhir Chaudhary for falsely reporting my maiden address in this House.”

However, Om Birla, the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, did not allow the motion notice to be issued to the editor of Zee TV.

According to sources, Zee TV falsely claimed Mahua Moitra’s speech in the Parliament about fascism was plagiarised.

Sudhir Chaudhary took to Twitter and claimed, the speech of Ms. Moitra given on the 25th of June was stolen from a 2017 research paper written by Martin Longman, an American. He also said, “Parliament’s dignity is in danger.”

However, Mahua Moitra denied the allegations made by the Zee TV Editor and said, “Plagiarism is when one does not disclose one’s source. My source as mentioned categorically in my speech was the poster from the Holocaust Museum created by the political scientist Dr. Laurence W. Brit pointing out the 14 signs of early fascism.” She further added, “My speech came from the heart and every Indian who has shared it did so from their heart. The hits were organic, not BOT controlled. I repeat…. ‘Bandhney mujhey tu aaya hai. Zanjeer badi kya laya hai’ (you have come to chain me, are your shackles enough?)”

During the ongoing Lok Sabha session, on the 4th of July, Ms. Moitra said, she will issue a motion against Zee TV for their false claims.

The session of the 17th Lok Sabha started from the 17th of June and will continue till the 26th of July.

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