Nitish Kumar Speaks About AES In Bihar

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Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, on the 1st of July, spoke about the AES disease spread in Bihar.

In the past 45 days, approximately 170 kids died in Bihar due to AES or Chamki fever in the area of Muzaffarnagar and its neighbouring districts.

Nitish Kumar, on the 1st of July, during the State Assembly session, addressed the Members of the Legislative Assembly and described the deaths caused due to AES as “extremely unfortunate and (a) serious issue.” He further said, “What happened is extremely unfortunate, expressing grief is not enough.”

Mr. Kumar said, the State Government conducted several meetings related to the issue and is trying its level best to find a solution for the same. He said, “We have held several meetings and discussed the issue at length. I held a meeting at AIIMS Patna in 2015 and various experts had different views as to what is the reason for it. A report was even sent to the US to get an expert opinion on it and all had different views.”

According to sources, the condition in Bihar is worsening day by day—there are more than 600 kids suffering from the disease and the facilities for their treatment are not up to the mark.

It was also revealed, the majority of the children affected by AES are suffering from malnutrition and have a poor metabolism.

Recently, on the 21st of June, Nityanand Rai, the Minister of Home Affairs of Bihar, sanctioned a sum of Rs. 25 lakhs for the construction of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Samastipur Sadar Hospital, Bihar. Seventeen Members of Parliament (MPs) of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will donate an amount of Rs. 25 lakhs, which will be used for the construction of PICUs for the treatment of the children.

Rabri Devi, the former Chief Minister of Bihar, angry about the current situation in the State, demanded an investigation regarding the case. Ms. Devi said, “Both State and Central Government are responsible. An investigation should be done in this matter. Any investigative agency of the Central Government should see why children didn’t get food to eat.”

Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) also used the situation for their political agenda and demanded the resignation of Mangal Pandey, the Health Minister of Bihar.

However, Mangal Pandey responded back with the data of the previous year and said, “Till June 28, 720 were admitted, 586 were cured and 154 children died. The death rate has been brought down to 21 per cent. As compared to the data from 2011-19, the death rate due to AES has come down over the past few years.”

The situation in Bihar is not at all stable, children are still suffering from the disease and the death toll is increasing day by day.

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