PM Modi Biopic – SC Rejects Ban Plea

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On the 9th of April, the Supreme Court (SC) refused to stop the release of PM Narendra Modi, the highly controversial biopic about the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, the bench said, since the movie hasn’t been reviewed by the Censor Board yet, the Court has no hand in the matter. The bench also stated, the issue about this biopic should be heard by the Election Commission of India (ECI) and not the Court.

“Any kind of order from the court will be possible if the petitioner states and pleads what the film is seeking to depict and his objections on this count,” said the order issued by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi.

PM Narendra Modi, a Vivek Oberoi starrer, was brought under the radar of the Supreme Court when Aman Panwar, a member of the Indian National Congress (INC,) filed a petition, asking for the film to be released post the Lok Sabha elections.

According to Panwar, the biopic was extremely manipulative and would influence the viewers and voters in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP.) The plea also said, all the promotions made for this movie were a form of advertisements and as per the rules of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC,) this was a violation.

The Supreme Court finally agreed to hear the case after both, the Bombay High Court and the Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, refused to hear the plea. While rejecting the plea, the Bombay High Court said, it wasn’t a matter to be discussed in a Court but was the responsibility of the ECI.

Earlier scheduled to release on the 5th of April, the release of the biopic was stalled because of the controversy surrounding its release. The release of PM Narendra Modi is postponed until further notice.

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