Rajasthan – Tik Tok Challenge Kills 12 Year Old Boy

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A twelve year old boy, on the 20th of June, accidentally killed himself as a part of a Tik Tok challenge in Kota, Rajasthan.

The case came to light after the Kota Police registered a case and started an investigation. The police, on the 21st of June, said, “Initial probe suggests that boy might have killed himself accidentally while trying to make a video for Tik Tok.”

The boy was trying to shoot a video to upload it on Tik Tok as a challenge, following which, he accidentally choked himself to death.

The boy’s father said, “He was wearing mangalsutra (sacred thread worn by Hindu married women) and bangles and was wearing a noose made from chains and was found hanging. He was using Tik Tok the entire night.”

According to sources, the boy, in order to complete a new Tik Tok challenge, went to the bathroom and followed the rules of the challenge by using a mangalsutra and sindoor and hanged himself.

During the challenge, he choked himself with an iron chain and died. When he was not seen, his parents searched for him and found him dead in the bathroom.

They immediately rushed him to the hospital, where a doctor declared him brought dead.

The victim’s father blamed Tik Tok for his son’s death and said, “If it was not for Tik Tok then my child would have been alive.”

The Kota Police started an investigation regarding the case.

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