Supreme Court Passes New Ruling For Women

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On the 9th of April, the Supreme Court passed a special ruling in favour of women filing cases of cruelty and harassment against their inlaws.

Before this particular ruling passed, women who were forced to move out of their matrimonial homes due to harassment could only file a case from the place where the offense was committed. According to the latest ruling, women can now file a case against her inlaws and husband from wherever she resides and not just from where the offense took place.

Installed in the year 1983, Sections 498A and 304B of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) aim to help women seek redressal in cases of dowry cruelty and harassment.

Headed by Justice Rangan Gogoi, the special bench passed this law to make sure women are now better equipped to fight against cruelty and dowry harassment. Furthermore, according to the new ruling, women can now file the case under Section 498A of the IPC.

As per the rules laid down by Section 498A, whether it is the husband or the brother or any other family member subjecting a woman to cruelty and harassing her for dowry, the Court can imprison the offender for a period of time which can range upto three years.

With this ruling, the Supreme Court has made it easier for women, subjected to dowry harassment and cruelty by her husband and/or inlaws, to receive legal help.

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