China Lifts Two Child Policy, Allows Couple To Have Third Child

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The Chinese Government changed its two child policy after 6 years. 

On the 31st of May, the Chinese Government lifted the two child policy and allowed couples to have a third child. The decision was taken considering the census showing the rapidly ageing population of China.

China, which is the most populated nation across the globe, showed a rapid ageing population, with low recorded births. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2020, the lowest 12 million births were recorded in China.

Considering the same, the President of China, Xi Jinping, hosted a meeting with the politburo leadership committee. During the meeting, they discussed the rapid ageing population, low births and gender balance.

In addition, the nation’s fertility rate also stands at 1.3, below the level needed to maintain a stable population. The 2020 census results published in April 2021 shows, China’s population grew at its slowest rate since the 1960s and is reaching 1.41 billion, making an impact on population. Other issues like gender disbalance, reduction in working class people and demographic crisis were also addressed during the meeting.

Xi Jinping said, “To actively respond to the ageing of the population … a couple can have three children (sic.)”

Considering all these aforementioned data, the Chinese Government allowed a three child policy. The two child policy was introduced in 2016, before that since 1976 China has had one child policy, under which a couple could have only one child.

It is to be noted, the total population of China is approximately 1.41 billions as per 2020 report.

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