Coronavirus Outbreak In China – 908 People Killed, 40,000 Infected

The deadly Novel Coronavirus is spreading and killing people in large numbers in Wuhan and 16 other cities of China.  So far, the virus killed as many as 908 people in the Country and infected more than 40,000 people.

The virus has been in the headlines for the past few weeks across the world.  Twenty six neighbouring countries of China are worried about the deadly virus because  there is still no proven cure.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the 9th of February, wrote to Xi Jinping, the President of China, extending his support to the Chinese Government in fighting against the Novel Coronavirus.

In his letter, Mr. Modi offered India’s assistance and also conveyed his condolences for the unfortunate deaths caused by the virus in China.

Meanwhile, on the 10th of February, Tedros Adhanom, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO,) with a few WHO members, travelled to Wuhan, China.

The team flew to China to extend their support and coordinate an ‘Expert International Mission’ to control the Novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Bruce Aylward is heading the mission with his team in China.

While China reported 908 deaths, Hong Kong and Philippines reported 1 death each and 382 confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Scientists and medical teams in China are working on developing a vaccine or cure for the virus.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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