Earthquake Rocks Leyte, Philippine

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In the early hours of Monday morning, an earthquake with the magnitude 5.9 on the Ritcher scale, rocked central Philippines. The islands were still in the aftershock of the deadly earthquake of the last week. Seismologists said there have been no reports of the property or life loss.

The US Geological Survey said this earthquake struck near Ormoc at the Leyte island. The earthquake started at 9:41 A.M., local time at a shallow depths of 12.7 km. Leyte City, has a population of 2,00,000 people on the island.

On Thursday, an earthquake of 6.5 magnitudes struck the islands. There were 72 injured and 2 deaths in the quake. The power plant in Leyte had suffered severe damage in the quake and the city had no power from Thursday.

The islands are prone to constant earthquakes as it is located in the Ring of Fire zone, in the Pacific Ocean, which is home to constant earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.


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