Indian Origin British Ministers To Take Charge For COVID-19 Prevention In Britain

On the 28th of March, two Indian Origin British ministers took over charge for the prevention of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 in Britain.

The decision was taken by the British Government, after Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Britain and Matt Hancock, the Health Minister of Britain, were tested COVID-19 positive.

Currently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson self isolated himself at his residence in 10 Downing Street.  He also announced he would be working from home and monitor the ongoing preventive measures for the Novel Coronavirus.  Besides Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hancock, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and other officials of the U.K., Government also decided to be in isolation, in the wake of the spread of the Novel Coronavirus.

With these updates,Rishi Sunka the Finance Minister of Britain and Priti Patel the Home Minister of Britain, are in charge of COVID-19 situation in that Country.

Though Rishi Sunak is one of the people responsible for the preventive measures of COVID-19 in Britain, he decided to initiate work from home and help the situation get better.

Rishi Sunak, took to his official Twitter handle and posted an image of him working from home and also prayed for the speedy recovery of PM Boris Johnson.


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