Israel-Palestine Fight Continues With Death Of 198 People Including Children In Gaza

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The death toll in the Gaza Strip reached 198 and continues to rise due to the Israel-Palestine conflict. 

The situation on the border between Israel and the Palestinian Gaza Strip, has been deteriorating for the last week. Israeli forces are continuing the airstrikes killing several Palestinians including children, women and senior citizens. While 198 people died, many were left injured.

Amongst the deceased, senior Islamic Jihad commander Hussam Abu Harbeed was also killed by an Israeli airstrike. The news of the death of Hussam Abu Harbeed was confirmed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF.) According to sources, Hussam Abu Harbeed was the commander of the terror group’s northern Gaza division. He led attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians for nearly 15 years. Harbeed was also allegedly directly responsible for the anti tank missile fire that wounded an Israeli civilian last week. In addition, ten Israelis have also been killed in Palestinian rocket fire from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

The reason behind the continuous attacks is the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in Palestine, where around 40 Palestinians, including 10 children were threatened with eviction as Jewish settlers took over their homes. Earlier in May, an Israeli Court ordered to evict several Palestinian families from the area, leading to conflicts.

It is to be noted, the attack was on the 10th of May, which is the East Jerusalem Day, marked as the victory of Israel during the 1967 war. East Jerusalem was occupied and subsequently annexed by Israel in the 1967 war.

It is to be said that the continued fight and air strikes are likely to continue. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also vowed to continue attacking Gaza until they reach their targets. This suggests a prolonged assault on the coastal territory even as casualties rise on both sides.

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