Thai Princess Apologises For Inconvenience Ahead Of Elections

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Ubolratana Rajakanya Sirivadhana Barnavadi, a Princess of Thailand, apologised, on the 12th of February, for creating problems for the Thai people ahead of the ensuing elections in the Country.

Princess Barnavadi’s name was nominated by the Thai Raksa Chart Party for the Prime Minister’s post in the upcoming general Thai elections, scheduled on the 24th of March 2019.

Princess Barnavadi posted a picture on her Instagram and said, “I am sorry my genuine intention to work for the country and Thai people has caused such problems that shouldn’t have happened in this era (sic.)” She posted it with #howcomeitsthewayitis.

The Election Commission (EC) rejected her name on the grounds of her being a part of the royal family and said, the members of the royal family should stay away from politics as they are above it. The Commission also repeated the words of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who said, her proposal was ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unconstitutional.’

The EC also sought an approval from the Constitutional Court to dissolve the Thai Raksa Chart for nominating the princess. The EC said, the Party violated the constitutional laws by nominating Princess Barnavadi.


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