Duronto Express – Theft In AC Coaches

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Seven to ten armed men, on the 17th of January, 2019, robbed the passengers travelling in two AC coaches of the Jammu to Delhi Duronto Express (train number 12266.)

The incident took place around 3:30 A.M., when the train made a halt at Badli, located on the outskirts of Delhi, and was waiting for the signal to move ahead. A group of unidentified robbers entered the B3 and B7 coaches of the train and looted cash, jewellery, mobile phones and ATM (Automated Teller Machine) cards while holding the passengers at gunpoint.

Ashwani Kumar, one of the passengers, filed a complaint on the Complaints portal of the Indian Railways, which brought the incident to light. In his complaint, Mr. Kumar wrote, “Suddenly some 7 to 10 unidentified miscreants entered coaches B3 and B7 of the train. They were carrying sharp edged knives with them. They put the knife near to the neck of passengers and asked them to handover whatever expensive items they are carrying with them.” He further added, “The irony is that neither staff nor security personnel were available there at the time of the mishap.”

Kumar also raised a question regarding the security of the passengers travelling in the AC coaches. With this regard, he said, “… The attendant told us that there was no security personnel available in the train. We are not safe even in AC coaches and imagine the security in sleeper class and general coaches where passengers enter the train even without tickets… .”

Ashwani Kumar immediately dialed 100 and reported the incident to the Delhi police, who reached the destination station (Delhi) and registered a First Information Report (FIR.)

The Railway Police Force (RPF) has initial leads about the case and are confident of catching the culprits soon.


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