Congress MLA Asha Kumari Slaps A Woman Constable, Gets One In Return

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Congress MLA Asha Kumari Slaps A Woman Constable, Gets One In Return

On Thursday, Congress Dalhousie Legislator and Incharge of Punjab Asha Kumari slapped a Police Official and was slapped back. The Party Leaders and workers started forcing their way inside after the Congress President Rahul Gandhi entered the Congress Office in Himachal Pradesh. Gandhi held a meeting to assess the performance of the Congress in the recently held Assembly Elections.

Asha Kumari and former Ministers Dhani Ram Shandil and Mukesh Agnihotri exited their vehicles and forced their way inside. The Police Constables on security duty stopped them. Asha got into a heated argument with one of the women constables and slapped her in a fit of rage. The constable slapped Asha Kumari back in retaliation. Asha Kumari was allowed to enter the Congress Office once the confusion settled down.

In the meeting Gandhi said, “Raising hand on anyone is against Congress culture. One should leave this kind of things for the opposition.” Rahul further added, “We are Gandhians and have no place for anger and aggression in our conduct and behaviour.”

Asha accused the woman constable of misbehaving with her. Asha said, “I don’t regret the incident but I feel sorry for what happened. It should not have happened. The women cop resorted to unparliamentary language and pushed me. In a rage, I raised my hand in retaliation and she also did the same.” Asha further added,”So far I have not made any complaints.”

The video of this incident went viral on social media. Police have registered a case under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 353 and 332 against Asha Kumari following a complaint by the constable.


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