Hyderabad: HMDA Developed Lung Space In 21 Days

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Hyderabad: HMDA Developed Lung Space In 21 Days

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) developed a lung space near Hussain Sagar lake in just 21 days. The area was metamorphosed into an aesthetically developed space with greenery and beautiful displays. This area was initially filled with trash and dirt but now it’s a space for people to take in a breath of fresh air.  

This project was developed on a 3.5 acre land opposite PV Ghat at Necklace Road. This Buddha Purnima Project was undertaken by the HMDA after the Telangana Government tasked the group to develop the area.

Not only was the area cleaned but also decked with animal topiaries of a tiger, elephant, bear, deer, peacock and sheep. This project included 6 green lawns, 1,500 shrubs and 1,000 trees to transform the area into a green lung space for the Hyderabadis.

Locals have placed a number of complaints due to the foul smell which was finally solved. This project that took only 21 days cost a whopping Rs. 51 lakhs.

The Telangana caretaker Government entrusted the area around Hussain Sagar to the HMDA for development and maintenance.


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