Dangerous Roads in the World : Roads have made commuting much easier but some roads create more havoc than solving commuting problems. Reasons varying from natural disasters and man made, here is a list of the most dangerous roads in the world:

9. Pan American Highway, U.S.A., South America: This highway adds a number of bad conditions to qualify it as a dangerous highway. The temperature is always high and when the weather is a bit cooler there is danger of landslides. Some parts of the road cannot be passed during wet weather. The road passes through a total of 10 countries.

8. Guoliang Tunnel: This tunnel is among the most famous ones in the world stretching out 1.2 kilometers. The height is 16 feet and the width is 13 feet. It is located in the Taihang Mountains in China. This road is said to require precision driving and the tunnel is also nicknamed “The road that does not tolerate mistakes.” The twists and turns of the tunnel are unpredictable. Also considering the fact that it was built on the path of least resistance makes it even more terrifying to travel on.

7. Yungas Road: This road in Bolivia is also known as Death Road. It is 56 kilometers running from La Paz to Coroico. This road overlooks a cliff all the way without a single barrier. The most famous way to commute down this road for adrenaline junkies is by cycle. It was estimated that 400 tourists die every year due to the dangers of the road.

6. Zoji La Pass: This is one of the most important mountain passes in India. The pass lies 11,575 feet above sea level and connects Leh in the Western Himalayan Mountain ranges and Srinagar. The pass is 9 kilometers and provides a link with Ladakh and Kashmir. The road is closed during winter due to the harsh weather. This pass is subjected to landslides and the steep turns can be nerve racking.

5. Trans Siberian Highway: This road in Russia spans out 11,000 kilometers from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok making it the longest highway in the world along with Australian Highway 1. To begin with such lon stretches of roads are difficult to maintain so it is left unattended. The worst part is different parts are damaged making you go through dirt track and well surfaced highway on and off for 11,000 kms. It is listed as the fifth dangerous road for motorcyclists. The weather is cold and frequent avalanches occur in the winters.

4. Skippers Canyon Road: This road in New Zealand was constructed between 1883 and 1890 by hand. It stretches 16.5 miles in the South Island of the country. The road was constructed with function in mind and safety was the last on their mind. The road has steep turns and no guardrails; one mistake could throw you down many miles.

3. Stelvio Pass: This pass in the Eastern Alps is one of the highest mountain roads in Europe. It stands 9,000 feet above sea level built in 1825 making it the oldest road on the list. The road has nearly 50 hairpins making it one stressful ride. As the road rises they become narrow and the turns get steeper.

2. Nairobi Nakuru Highway: This Highway in Kenya spans out 100 miles. It is one of the only smooth roads in Kenya attracting a lot of need for speed racers. People describe the cars moving at lightning speed and that also on the wrong side. The road adds around 300 deaths per year.

1. BR-1162: This road in Brazil stretches out 2,700 miles. The road was rated as the world’s most active highway for physical exploitation of minors by UNICEF. This being the biggest reason to not visit but there are many more that make it dangerous. Starting with 60% of the traffic on this road are trucks. The road is also poorly maintained giving it the perfect nickname as “Highway to Death.” According to experts on an average 1000 people die on this road each year. In Brazil there are nearly 40,000 road accidents every year.