Today, the South Korean Unification Ministry said a North Korean art troupe would likely travel by ship to stage a performance in South Korea for this week’s Winter Olympics under an exemption from bilateral sanctions.

South Korea’s Unification Ministry Spokesperson Baik Tae-Hyun at a news briefing stated North Korea proposed the delegation would  use the Mangyongbong 92. It is a ferry that chiefly operates between North Korea and Russia for transportation and lodging. Baik further said, “We’re seeking to apply an exemption for the May (2010) measures to support a successful hosting of the Olympics.”

In May 2010, South Korea banned all North Korean ships from entering its ports. They further cut off most inter Korean exchanges including tourism, trade and aid. South Korea imposed this sanction after a torpedo attack by North Korea on a navy ship. It is said the torpedo attack claimed the lives of 46 sailors.