General Javed: Pakistan Expects Honorable Recognition Of Its Contributions Against Terrorism

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General Javed: Pakistan Expects Honorable Recognition Of Its Contributions Against Terrorism

The Pakistani Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa stated Pakistan felt betrayed by the criticism from the U.S. Government. He further stated the criticism was not helping them fight against terrorism. This comes after the suspension of security related aid worth around $ 2 billion from the U.S. Javed Bajwa further added Pakistan will not ask for restoration of the financial assistance. Pakistan expects honorable recognition of its contributions to the war against terrorism.

Javed Bajwa was quoted saying, “Entire Pakistani Nation felt betrayed over the U.S. recent statements despite decades of cooperation. Accordingly, the unanimous national response reflected the same sentiments.” Bajwa further added, “Pakistan will not seek resumption of aid but expect honorable recognition of our contributions, sacrifices and unwavering resolve in the fight against terrorism for peace and stability in the region.”

It is said over the week, the Head of the U.S. Central Command General Joseph L. Votel spoke to Javed Bajwa to discuss bilateral security cooperation. The conversation happened after the U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweet accused Pakistan of lies and deceit. Votel discussed with Javed Bajwa about the decision of suspending the security assistance and reimbursements from the Coalition Support Fund. Javed also received a call from a U.S. Senator whose name was not revealed.

Votel was quoted saying, “The U.S. values Pakistan’s role in the war on terror and expected that ongoing turbulence would be a temporary phase.” He further added, “The U.S. is not contemplating any unilateral action inside Pakistan but is seeking cooperation to tackle Afghan nationals who, in the U.S. view, use Pakistan’s soil against Afghanistan.”

Bajwa stated Pakistan will continue its counter terrorism efforts even without the U.S. supporting them financially. Bajwa said, “Even without U.S. financial support in accordance with our national interest and shall remain committed to bring it to its logical conclusion along with other stakeholders.” He further added Pakistan suffered hugely due to great power competition in the region. Islamabad is fully aware of the U.S. concerns on activities of the Afghan nationals in Pakistan.

Bajwa in a statement said, “Pakistan has already undertaken multiple actions through military operations to deny any residual capacity to terrorists of all hue and colour for which return of Afghan refugees is an essential prerequisite. Pakistan is unilaterally strengthening border controls but bilateral border management must also be Kabul’s top priority.” He further added, “Pakistan will keep supporting all peace initiatives in Afghanistan despite the tendency to scapegoat Pakistan. Peace in Afghanistan is the only way to move towards enduring peace and stability in the region.”

The ties between the U.S. and Pakistan weakened after Trump’s New Year tweet about Pakistan’s lies and deceit despite the U.S. aiding Pakistan of more than $ 33 billion since 2002. The U.S. officials further suspended the security related aid to Pakistan of around $ 2 billion.


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