Hafiz Saeed Blacklisted By The Pakistan Government

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Hafiz Saeed Blacklisted By The Pakistan Government

Hafiz Saeed founder of Lashkar e Taiba has been declared as a terrorist by the Pakistan Government. On Tuesday, the President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain signed an ordinance. The ordinance declares all terrorists and groups banned by the United Nations Security Council under the Anti Terrorism Act of 1997.

The Government has blacklisted a total of 27 outfits that have been declared danger by the United Nations. The President made this move after removing the barricades from Hafiz Saeed’s group’s headquarters. DIG Haider Ashraf said, “We have removed blockades from 26 places including JuD headquarters in accordance with the Supreme Court’s orders.”

Pakistan has been facing a lot of pressure from the United Nations and the United States over funding terrorists. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) will be meeting in Paris and rumors suggest Pakistan will be grey listed. This would heavily increase the cost of international business and involvement in cross border transactions for Pakistan.  

The United States has cancelled its funding to Pakistan and warned the Country to stop giving a safe haven to terrorists.



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