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On Thursday NASA scientists released pictures of Earth from space. This is the clearest view till date that shows human settlements around the planet Earth.

Over the decade various pictures have been doing the rounds, such as Diwali night in India, of the populations spread and much more. But none of the pictures were released by NASA. After fundamental research, NASA has finally released Portrait View high clarity pictures of the night lights in 2016. They also released comparison pictures from 2012 of the places including India and how they have lit up the darkness.

After the launch in 2011 of NASA’s NOAA Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (NPP) Satellite has conducted extensive research as to how humans have lit up the night. They developed a software that makes these pictures of night view more clear, distinguishable and accurate. The software collected pictures every night for the whole year. The new maps produced the clearest view of each place that combines moonlight free and moonlight corrected data.

India in 2012:

India in 2016:

The NASA team is now aiming at the automation of the process so that users can view nighttime images within hours of acquisition. This Suomi NPP also has the capacity to predict short-term weather and also disaster response.

United States of America:



Check Out the Video Here:

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