Wed, 17 January 2018. 10:55

It is not our abilities but our choices that show what we really are. Amidst the war in Syria, many innocent lives have been lost and brought the once glorious nation to ashes. The ongoing war from the past six years has taken away childhood from thousands of children. These children are oblivious to all the politics and crisis in the world.

The only fault of these children is to be born amidst war mongering peoples. Last week, a bomb hit a convoy of buses that was carrying refugees to safety. This explosion killed 126 people and caused chaos, as everyone tried to get to safety. Abd Al Kader Habak, a photographer and an activist, was caught in the flames of the war.

The photographer was knocked out due to the impact of the explosion and regained consciousness after a few minutes. Habak, instead of fleeing the scene or clicking pictures, exhibited his humanity by rushing to spot of the blast and started saving children.

The other photographers present at the site started clicking pictures of Habak saving kids.

One photograph showed Habak crying beside the burnt body of a kid.

Reminiscing the incident, Habak later said, “The scene was horrible, especially watching wailing children and dying in front of you, So I, along with colleagues decided to put our cameras aside and started saving injured people.”

Habak proved that indeed it is our choices that show that we really are human!

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