Class IV Student Killed At A Telangana Hostel

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Nine years’ old D. Joseph, a student of class IV, was killed at a State run Tribal Welfare Residential hostel in Telangana on Tuesday evening. A 15 year old class X student allegedly killed the student in Khammam, a town 200 km from Hyderabad.

According to sources, the two boys went around the town on a bicycle and after they returned to the hostel, they got into a fight. The cause of the fight is unknown. It was then that the 15 year old student hit Joseph with a trunk box on his head and other body parts, which led to his immediate death.

The hostel staff had no idea about the fight as they were not present on the hostel premises during the fight. Later, the warden was informed about the dead body. The warden immediately called the police.

The police sent the body of the victim for an autopsy and launched an investigation.

The initial reports and interrogation from the students suggest that the duo had some issues since a few days. In addition to this, the students also mentioned this is not the first time the accused attacked someone.

The relatives and families of the deceased along with the leaders of student groups blamed the hostel authorities for the incident. They demanded strict action against the carelessness of the hostel security and wardens.


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