Gujarat – Former BJP Lawmaker Shot Dead

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Jayanti Bhanushali, a former leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP,) was found shot dead, today, inside a train, Sayaji Nagari Express.

Mr. Bhanushali, 53 years old, was travelling from Ahmedabad to Bhuj, when someone entered his coach and shot him on his forehead and chest with a gun. The incident took place between the stations Kataria and Surajbari.

The train was immediately stopped at the Kalupur station in Ahmedabad and the coach was separated from the rest of the train at this station. The police rushed to the spot and started an investigation.

Jagdishsinh Raol, the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Ahmedabad Division of Gujarat Railway Police, said, “Prima facie, it appears that at least two bullets hit Bhanushali. A fellow passenger woke up when the train was approaching the Maliya railway station and found Bhanushali bleeding. He woke up other passengers and then alerted the police.”

According to the initial investigation, the train started at 10:25 P.M., and the victim’s body was found around 1:25 A.M. However, Mr. Bhanushali’s family accused Chhabil Patel, a BJP leader, of being responsible for the murder.

Chhabil Patel, who quit the Congress party and joined the BJP in 2014, is said to have a rivalry with Jayanti Bhanushali. In 2014, Chhabil Patel lost the by elections in Abdasa constituency and blamed Mr. Bhanushali for the same.

Jayanti Bhanushali was elected in the Abdasa Assembly constituency in 2007. In July 2018, Mr. Bhanushali was accused of rape and asked to step down from the post.

P.P. Viroja, the Deputy Superintendent of the Western Railways, will head a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the case.

Vijay Rupani, the Chief Minister of Gujarat said, “A thorough investigation will be conducted and strict action will be taken against those guilty.”

The police are investigating the case and are interrogating the passengers who were travelling in the G1 Coach with Jayanti Bhanushali.



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