Hyderabad – Mandatory Registration For Auto Drivers

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Hyderabad - Mandatory Registration For Auto Drivers

Anjani Kumar, the Police Commissioner of Hyderabad, on Friday, issued a notice stating, every auto driver and owner will have to register themselves with the Traffic Police.

According to the notice, all auto rickshaw owners and drivers have to register their vehicles with the Traffic Police across the City. Mr. Kumar said, approximately 1.40 lakh auto drivers in Hyderabad do not have a license and official documents.

The move was taken to stop the auto drivers from overcharging the customers, misbehaving with them and ensuring the safety of the citizens of Hyderabad. According to the notice, auto drivers and owners are advised to register themselves by the 17th of January, 2019.

The auto drivers and owners are ordered to apply for the registration in a specified format with all the necessary documents. The owners must ensure the auto drivers register themselves. Following the registration, the autos must have a QR coded UV printed board, QR coded front sticker and back sticker visible to the passengers.

The registration of the vehicle will be valid for a year, after which the drivers would have to apply for renewal. Strict action will be taken against any driver or owner who are found violating the rules.



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