Initiative For Stricter Cyber Crime Laws

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The government is considering changes in the law to ensure strict and severe action against cyber crimes. Especially crimes targeting women such as revenge videos which badly requires a stiff action to be taken.
There are an increasing number of revenge videos on social media. The impact of revenge video is an increasing rate of suicides.
Revenge is sharing of videos or photos which contain content without the consent of the person whose images or videos are put on the internet.
The Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD,) is seeking a greater concentration on cyber crimes to crack down the online abuse. The ministry is also exploring ways to bridge the gap between existing IPC provisions and the Information Technology Act, to deal with revenge videos.
According to the sources, WCD Minister, Maneka Gandhi was particularly concerned about the online abuse. Ms. Gandhi, considered the severe impact on the victim who is often left struggling to deal with public humiliation and the fight to even get a case registered.
Ministry officials said there may not be the need for a separate legislation to deal with revenge videos. Once the provisions are tightened under IPC and IT Act, that would be much adequate. The ministry has a strong view that there are loopholes in the existing laws to tackle challenges that cyberspace and cyber crime pose.
On May 12, the Inter Ministerial Committee (IMC) consultations had initiated interim measures to curb the danger of online abuse. Under this order, the Internet Service Providers (ISP) are required to adopt and implement the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Resources by July 31. This foundation maintains a global list of websites and URLs which contain abuse material.
The implementation of IWF resources will result in relevant content being blocked or removed. This is a temporary measure and arrangement valid till the IMC forms a centralized mechanism to monitor online abuse material.
On March 10, in a meeting, steered by the ministry which is to give a shape to the National Alliance Against Online Abuse and Exploitation. The participants said that there is a need to create a fast track procedure to enable an immediate compliance with the requests made by an individual as a complaint to ISPs seeking information or blockage or removal of any content. It was also felt that there is a need to initiate necessary communication with international platforms like IWF, Cybertip


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