Chile – Transgender Student Admitted to All Girls School

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Arlen Aliaga, a transgender student, on the 6th of March, was admitted to a prestigious all girls high school, Liceo Javiera Carrera, in Santiago, Chile.

Arlen Aliaga is the first transgender student in the Country to be admitted to this all girls school. Before being admitted to the Liceo Javiera Carrera, Arlen Aliaga used to study at an all boys school, where she was harassed by her teacher due to her choices of clothes. However, she says, her classmates were very supportive and nice towards her.

According to sources, the Liceo Javiera Carrera initially rejected her application for admission, citing lack of seats as the reason.

Later, on the 6th of March, LGBT activists, Arlen’s supporters and the Mayor of Santiago protested against the rejection and started a campaign, following which, the School gave admission to Aliaga.

The 6th of March was not only a day to celebrate her admission, but was also her 18th birthday.

Aliaga addressed the media and said, “It’s historic, maybe I’m the first. I know there are others who tried and didn’t succeed, but clearly, it’s possible.”

This is not the first time the Country showed support towards transgenders. In 2017, the Selenna Foundation, a Chile based foundation, established a special institute, Les Nines, for transgenders, and the classes started in April 2018.

Les Nines, Latin America’s first of its kind school for transgenders, was like a boon to students and their families. The School was safe for the students, who faced discrimination and were even forced to drop out from schools at an age as young as 14 years, when they started discovering about their bodies and preferences.

As of now, Les Nines is running with approximately 22 students and admissions are still going on. The subjects taught at the institute include Math, Science, History and English and workshops about art and photography are also organised.

The Santiago Government also passed a law, according to which, a transgender above the age of 14 can officially change their names and gender in the official records of the Country. The procedure will be done under the supervision of parents or guardians of the transgenders.

Such initiatives by the Santiago Government not only broke the old norms and taboos of the society, but also helped transgenders to gain confidence and happiness. The steps ensure their acceptance in the society.

The decision of the Liceo Javiera Carrera to admit Arlen Aliaga is a historic one. Arlen Aliaga will soon start her classes at the School with 2,500 girls at her new School. The step of Arlena was an inspiration for other transexual to fight for their rights.


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