New Whatsapp Feature To Differentiate Between Real And Fake Images

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WhatsApp will soon add a new feature, which will help the users identify if an image is fake or real. WhatsApp is working on this feature as fake news has become one of the major problems these days.

The new feature will allow you to verify the source of the image, following which, you can determine whether the image is real or fake.

The feature was first spotted by a website, Based on the website’s information, WhatsApp is now developing a new Search Image option. The new feature will allow users to find out the source of those images which were sent and/or received in chats.

The feature will work using Google Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and will find images which are similar or contain the same content as the image in question.

How will it work?

The image will show the results after you upload the image using the Search Image option on WhatsApp, following which, the search results about the similar content will be displayed in the browser.
The new feature will be active on almost all kinds of Android phones, iPhones or Jio phones.

Though the WhatsApp officials did not make any official announcement regarding the launch, it is expected to be made soon.

The new feature will be helpful for the users to stay away from millions of fake news on the internet. The new feature will be a great boon for the politicians, as social media platforms are one of the commonly used weapons for defaming individuals.

During the season of the Lok Sabha elections, the new feature will decrease the chances of fake news related to politicians going viral.

The Lok Sabha elections are scheduled to be held from 11th of April to the 19th of May and the major parties contesting are the Indian National Congress (INC) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP.)

The results of the Lok Sabha elections will be announced on the 23rd of May 2019.

Stay tuned for further updates about the Lok Sabha elections.



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