Rahul Gandhi’s Suggestion To PM Narendra Modi

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Rahul Gandhi, the Congress President, during a press conference in Hyderabad, on Wednesday, criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and suggested, Mr. Modi attends some press conferences.

On the last day of the campaign, Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) leader, stating, it is fun having questions thrown at you.

Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter and criticised Mr. Modi for not holding a single press conference throughout his entire tenure as the Prime Minister of India.

Rahul Gandhi also added pictures from the press conference to make his point clearer to Mr. Modi.

Both the opposition parties, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress, were conducting campaigns across the poll bound states, Rajasthan and Telangana.

The last day for campaigning was the 5th of December. All the contesting parties are preparing for the Assembly elections scheduled on the 7th of December in Rajasthan and Telangana. The results of both the elections will be announced on the 11th of December.


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