TDP Member Lankala Deepak Reddy Back For Battle In Telangana


Lankala Deepak Reddy, a Telugu Desam Party (TDP) member, is back to contest for elections in Telangana State. Mr. L. Deepak Reddy has been nominated to stand for the Khairatabad Assembly Constituency Elections of 2018, at the TDP Mahanadu. The Mahanadu was a three day conclave of party members held at Vijayawada during May of 2018.

In the upcoming Telangana elections, Mr. Deepak Reddy is contesting for the Legislative Assembly for the Khairatabad Assembly Constituency.

Lankala Deepak Reddy is one of the most trusted and admired names in Telangana politics. As a TDP cadre, he served the State for more than 20 years. He started his career as a student leader in the year 1994 and worked as a party member for the TDP. He is the General Secretary with a few other legal posts in the TDP. Deepak Reddy is also the president of a group initiating an agenda for a better Hyderabad.

Mr. Lankala Deepak Reddy enjoys the enormous support and values people. He has also been a part of welfare awareness programmes such as blood donation and HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.

Mr. Reddy was also one of the supporters of the Babli Barrage case. He was arrested more than two hundred times, in the Babli Barrage case, for only raising his voice on behalf of the people.

Lankala Deepak Reddy played a key role as a soldier grounded to the public interests at Delhi during the separation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


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