Telangana Elections – Voters Turn Violent

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Voters turned violent during today’s Telangana Assembly elections in Huzurnagar, Suryapet, Hyderabad.

Some of the voters at the Vellatoor 139 polling station beat up an official who was allegedly manipulating the votes of a few voters. The officer, who was assisting senior citizens and people with disabilities, voted for parties different from the voters’ choice.

According to sources, at least 5 votes were changed by the accused official. Some of the voters noticed, the electorate symbol on the feedback display was different from what they asked the accused to select. The voters then went on to tell the voters standing outside the booth about the matter.

The voters standing outside the polling booth, in anger, thrashed the polling official and raised slogans against him. The accused official was then replaced by another officer.

The results of the Telangana Assembly elections will be announced on the 11th of December.

Stay tuned for more further updates about the Telangana Assembly elections.



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