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On Saturday, a Gurugram court sentenced 13 people to a life sentence. It also sentenced four accused to a five year jail term in the Maruti Suzuki violence issue.

The court convicted 31 employees of Maruti Suzuki of the Manesar plant. The 13 have been convicted of murder on March 10 for which the court pronounced the punishment today. The court also said that the sentence served by the 117 was sufficient. Of the 148 employees accused, the court on March 10, acquitted 117 due to the lack of evidence, that was named in the charge sheet.

Indian workers shout slogans as they wave flags outside a Maruti-Suzuki vehicle plant at Manesar, on the outskirts of New Delhi on October 14, 2011. Police urged striking workers who seized a plant owned by India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki a week ago to leave peacefully in line with a court order, the company said. Some 1,500 workers seized control of the Manesar plant on October 7, in northern India belonging to Japanese-controlled Maruti Suzuki, which sells nearly one out of every two cars in the country. AFP PHOTO/STR (Photo credit should read STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images)

This judgment was for the July 2012 issue, wherein, the then general manager, Awanish Kumar Dev was burnt to death in the Maruti Suzuki showroom during a labor unrest. The violence went to the extent of breaking his arms and legs, because of which he was not able to escape from the building when it was set on fire. His body was burnt to severe extent and was only recognized by the tooth implant he had.

A total of 94 managers, nine policemen were injured in the attack while one was killed. 148 workers were charged rioting with weapons, murder, attempt to murder, unlawful assembly, assault and trespass, among others. Ahead of the judgement, a curfew was issued in Gurugram district. Eleven of the accused are in jail, all the others are out on bail and have been remanded by the police.

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