Afghanistan Locals Claim Abduction Of 150 People Including Indians, Taliban Denies Report

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The Taliban force captured 150 people, including Indians at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. The kidnapping of the people were in the wake of the search operation for the United States (U.S.,) force. The Taliban are conducting door to door survey and search operations to find U.S. forces, hidden in the nation. The abducted people were abducted near the Hamid Karzai International Airport, while they were fleeing from the nation.

According to sources, most of the abducted people are Afghan Sikhs, Afghan citizens and Indian nationals. However, Ahmadullah Waseq, one of the Taliban Spokesperson, denied the report of abduction of the 150 people including Indians. A source, who was at the airport and wished to be anonymous said, several unarmed Taliban members came to the abducted people and after beating them, took them to the Tarakhil area of Kabul.

Besides the source, many Afghan journalists, local Afghan news agencies and media houses have reported that the Taliban have captured 150 people. However, no official report/confirmed news regarding the abduction has been made by the Government of India (GoI.)

Instead, the Government source who wished to be anonymous, said the 150 people who were claimed to be kidnapped were taken to a nearby police station in Afghanistan and their passport and other legal papers are being checked. Meanwhile, the Indian Government also confirmed the evacuation of 85 Indians from Afghanistan safely so far.

The violence in Kabul, is intensifying the search of the U.S., forces and Afghans who are trying to flee from Afghanistan.

Recently, the Taliban took over Afghanistan and it’s Capital Kabul and are all set to take power with new Sharia Law and regulations for the citizens of Afghanistan.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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