Amritpal Singh Escapes Punjab Toll Plaza In SUV

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The most wanted Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh, who is being hunted by the Punjab Police, once again escaped police.

The Punjab Police arrested Amritpal Singh, on the 17th of March, but in less than 24 hours, Singh escaped, giving it a hard time to the Punjab Police, which is still chasing him.

In a major update, a video of Amritpal Singh, escaping the toll plaza at Amritsar, Punjab is going viral. In the afternoon of the 21st of March, a CCTV captured Amritpal Singh, escaping Punjab in an SUV. Prior to the car, the Khalistani leader took other commune like bikes, gyps to run away.

Punjab Police on Monday said fugitive pro-Khalistan leader Amritpal Singh was trying to form a militia called ‘Anandpur Khalsa Fauj’ and pointed out it has a very strong suspicion that the Waris Punjab De chief is being funded by Pakistan’s ISI.

Addressing a press conference in Chandigarh, IGP Punjab Sukhchain Singh Gill said police recovered the bulletproof jackets and rifles and the gate of Amritpal Singh’s house had AKF written on them.

“The bulletproof jackets and rifles that have been recovered and the gate (of the house) of the chief (Amritpal Singh) had AKF written on them. There was an attempt to form a Jathebandi called ‘Anandpur Khalsa Fauj’,” Gill said, as reported by ANI.

“We have a very strong suspicion of an ISI angle, based on the facts and circumstances that have come to light so far. We also have a very strong suspicion of foreign funding. Going by the circumstances, it seems that ISI is involved and there is foreign funding as well,” he added.

Furthemore, the Punjab and Haryana HC slammed the police, a team o 80,000 cops, for failing to nab Amritpal and asked to submit reports.

Meanwhile, the search is still underway.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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