Arnab Goswami Trends For Exposing Intolerance Lobby

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Arnab Goswami, a journalist and the Editor in Chief of Republic Media Network, is trending on Twitter for exposing an ‘intolerance’ lobby and Aparna Sen.

Recently, on the 23rd of July, approximately 49 celebrities of various film industries wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressing concern over the mob lynching cases in India.

Arnab Goswami, on the 24th of July, in a live TV conference, confronted Bengali filmmaker and actress Aparna Sen about a press conference she recently held.

The press conference was conducted to discuss the letter written to PM Modi.  However, when the Republic TV Editor in Chief asked Sen a few questions, she refused to answer them and said, “I am not going to answer your questions. Let’s stick with present things. I am not going to answer you.”

The questions asked during the session were :

Why were you silent when Muslim fanatics were attacking Zaira Wasim?

Where were you when Ayub Pandith was being lynched?

Where were you when Muslim clerics asked minorities to pick up arms?

Why are you selective about raising your voice?

When Congress govt charge-sheeted Pehlu Khan where were you?

When Mamata Banerjee arrested a girl Priyanka Sharma on a meme, where were you?

Where were you when a man was attacked for saying Jai Shri Ram?

Where were you when 7-year-old was attacked for chanting Jai Shri Ram?

Where were you when the temple was attacked in Delhi?

Jignesh Mevani said there should be armed-conflict, where were you then?

Did you speak on Kashmiri Pandits and victims of terrorism in Kashmir?

Where were you when critics of Kumaraswamy was arrested in Karnataka?

Ms. Aparna Sen, who chose to be silent and did not answer the questions, was claimed to be holding the press conference about the letter to gain fame and publicity, which was exposed by Arnab Goswami.

Goswami, who is popular for his debate skills and sensational questions, once again proved himself by conducting the conference.

However, Twitterati divided themselves into two parties, wherein a few Twitteratis applauded Goswami for his debate and questions, while the remaining criticised him for overreacting and screaming.

Goswami claimed the mob lynching campaign is nothing more than a ‘lie campaign’ and ‘publicity stunt,’ as when he asked few questions to Ms. Sen, she refused to answer them.

Arnab, during the conference, also asked which political party set up Aparna Sen for the press conference?

The letter to Modi was sent to seek answers from him and to ask for strict action against the culprits.

In the past few days, Muslims and minorities have become victims of mob lynching in the name of religion.

Stay tuned for further updates.


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