Wed, 17 January 2018. 10:54

Bengaluru witnessed yet another snowfall near the Varthur Bridge at East Bengaluru on Tuesday. This, however, was not something that the residents can be happy or joyful about. The two wheelers steered clear of this area as fast as they could while the cars had their windows up for a single reason, to avoid the toxic foam emerging from the Varthur Lake. This is one of the most polluted lakes in the city and foam emerging from it gives the feel of snowfall.

The pollution levels have been rising in the city over the last few days. The increased inflow of sewage and harmful chemicals froths in the lake has  been increasing, in turn, increasing the woes of the residents of the nearby areas.

People time and again have applied to the officials of the City in vain. The foam that emerges is not only toxic but also increases itching and rashes to those who come in direct contact with it.


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