Bharat Bandh Leads To Nationwide Protests

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The Central Trade Union called for a nationwide strike, scheduled for the 8th and 9th of January, to protest against the anti worker policies of the Union Government.

Trade unions like the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC,) the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC,) the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU,) the Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS) and the Trade Union Coordination Centre (TUCC) are participating in the protests.

On the 28th of September, the Central Trade Union submitted a written grant which has provisions related to minimum wages, pension to all, end of contract labour, implementation of labour laws and social security to labours. However, the Government of India did not accept the demands, which led to the massive strike across the Country.

Majority of the businesses will remain shut down, today, in Kerala and West Bengal. The other states affected are Karnataka, Delhi and Maharashtra.

In Kerala, the protesters are blocking trains and buses. People are facing problems as they are unable to go to their respective offices, as the protestors blocked the roads by parking buses on the road, leading to traffic congestion. Only the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) in Nilackal Pampa, the base camps of the Sabarimala temple are operating for the pilgrims. However, Metro trains and taxi services are functioning as usual in the State.

Speaking about the situation in West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, strongly denied the bandh having any effect on the State. She said “I do not want to spend a single word on this. In West Bengal, we have taken a stand of not supporting any bandh. Enough is enough. In the last 34 years, they (Left Front) have destroyed the state by calling bandh. There will be no bandh.” The Government of West Bengal organised helplines and deployed more State run bus to ‘ensure normalcy’ in the State.

In West Bengal, the police exercised lathi charges to control the protestors and arrested a few members of the Communist Party of India (Marxist.)

The protesters blocked trains in Assam, Howrah, Bhubaneswar and Odisha. The Odisha Government extended their support toward the strikes and declared, schools and colleges in the State will remain closed tomorrow (Wednesday.)

Union leaders across the Country are still protesting against the Government. Employees of banks, auto drivers and political leaders are also a part of the protests. Railway services are delayed and the States are witnessing heavy traffic ahead of the protest. The strike will continue till the 9th of January.

Twitter is swamped with updates regarding #BharatBandh. Political leaders, residents of India and protesters are sharing updates about the current situation and are expressing their views about the same.



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