Centre Renames Two Villages In Haryana

Two Villages In Haryana,Centre Renames Two Villages In Haryana,Ganda as Fatehabad, Kinnar as Hisar,Harpreet Kaur Malkat,Kinnar in English means eunuch,Ganda in English means dirty
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The Central Government on Sunday evening granted permission for the renaming of two villages in Haryana. The villages are named Ganda and Kinnar and are located in Fatehabad and Hisar districts.

The village Ganda has been given the name Ajit Nagar and Kinnar has been renamed as Gaibi Nagar. The State Government recently approached the Central Government for the change after local residents complained that they were ’embarrassed’ by the names.

The issue was first brought to light by a teenager, Harpreet Kaur Malkat, who had written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about changing the name ‘Ganda.’ She mentioned that she was often teased by her friends and cousins of other regions about the name.

This is as the word ‘Ganda’ in English means dirty. She spoke to the media about the same and said the villagers felt embarrassed and ashamed every time they were required to mention village’s name.

The second village, Kinnar in English means eunuch. The residents of the village, specifically the younger generations demanded that the government should change the name.

However, this is not the first time that villages had weird names in our country. It is a regular occurrence when one travels to find weird village names. While some have been brought to the notice, many have gone unnoticed by the government. This issue arises because of the muti-cultural community. Many times, a word has a different meaning in one language and a completely different one in other. It is in such instances that the names go unnoticed in the vast majority.


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