COVID-19 Cases Reaches 1,18,447, Witnessed Biggest Spike Ever Till Date

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On the 22nd of May, India reported 6,088 new cases of the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 infection, the biggest spike ever till date.

The new cases of the COVID-19 virus were confirmed by the Union Health Ministry on the morning of the 22nd of May.  With the new spike in cases, India recorded a total of 1,18,447 cases of the Novel Coronavirus.

Meanwhile deaths in 24 hours jumped to 3,583 with 150 new death cases.

Harsh Vardhan, the Health Minister of India said, “India has managed to put up a better fight against COVID-19, as compared to many other developed and developing countries.  Of the one lakh cases, we have sent a significant number (over 40,000) home after treatment, and most of the remaining 60,000 people are also on (the) road to recovery.”

To curb the spread of the virus, India implemented a nationwide lockdown since the 24th of March, which was revised thrice.  On the 18th of May, India entered the 4th phase of the nation wide lockdown.  The 4th lockdown is proposed to end on the 31st of May.

Meanwhile, states which reported a hike in the cases in the last 24 hours are, Maharashtra,where the infections climbed to 41,642 with new 2,000 cases. Following Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu reported 13,967 cases, Gujarat with 12,910 cases and Delhi 11,659 cases till date. 

Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh crossed 5,000 cases and stood at 6,227, 5,515 and 5,981 cases of the Novel Coronavirus, respectively.

Other states which reported 4,000 and less than 4,000 cases of COVID-19 infections are: West Bengal (3,197,) Andhra Pradesh (2,605,) Punjab (2,028,) Bihar (1,987,) Telangana (1,699,)  Karnataka (1,605) Jammu and Kashmir (1,449,) Odisha (1,103,) Haryana (1,031,) Kerala (691,) Jharkhand (308,) Chandigarh (218,) Assam (211,) Tripura (175,) Himachal Pradesh (152,)  Uttarakhand (146,)  and Goa (52.)

Meanwhile, Globally, 5,197,739 people have been infected and the death toll now stands at 334,672

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