COWIN Portal Of India To Roll Out In 12 Countries, Will Go Global Soon

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The success of the India made CoWIN portal app for the tracking and registering people for COVID-19 vaccine doses is now going to be a global success.

The technology launched by Mr. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, for the smooth vaccination drive, would now be offered to 12 countries including those in South America.   The details of the 12 countries would be shared after the final acceptance of memoranda of understanding (MoU) which have been sent by the Indian Government. 

Dr. R.S. Sharma, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at National Health Authority, said, “The progress of the initiative as well as the talks are monitored by the Ministry of External Affairs.  I am told that so far 12 countries have agreed to sign the MoUs.”  He further said, “We have signed an MoU with a country in South America and have sent the document for their acceptance. Once it is done, we will make an announcement.”

After the final agreement, the CoWIN platform would be recognized globally as ‘licensed by the Government of India.’   While the MoU agreement consists of various rules and conditions, a major condition is that the technology would not be repackaged or used for sale.  It should remain as it is and should not be renamed with any new features.  In addition, the Government of India is providing India’s CoWIN platform for free, without any charges until perpetuity 

The Ministry of External Affairs of India are conducting the talks with the 12 countries, which would soon have the CoWIN portal of India. 

A final announcement is expected after the final agreement and signed MoU. 

Meanwhile, as of now CoWIN portal could handle registration of 400 vaccinations in a second and 2.5 crore vaccine registrations in a day. 

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