Dalit Students Made To Watch Pariksha Par Charcha Outside

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Dalit Students Made To Watch Pariksha Par Charcha Ouside

In a gross act of discrimination, Dalit students were made to sit in a horse stable to watch PM Modi’s Pariksha Par Charcha. The telecast for students by PM Modi was aired live on Friday.

A Government high school in Kullu in Himachal Pradesh are being accused of discrimination. The school in Kullu’s Chestha gram panchayat made arrangements for the students to watch the interactive session at the residence of the head of the school management committee.

The Dalit students were separated from the rest and were made to sit in a place used for horses. The students did not stay silent, they placed a complaint to the Kullu Deputy Commissioner Yunus on Friday evening. In the complaint, the students allege a teacher Mehar Chand instructed just the Dalit students to sit outside where another T.V., was set up.

The students wrote the complaint in Hindi in a school notebook. The complaint also alleges the students were subjected to caste discrimination during midday meals as well. The students said the Headmaster indulged in untouchability as well.

A local organization Anusuchit Jati Kalyan Sangh decided to take out a protest against the Headmaster Rajan Bhardwaj and the Deputy Director of Education Jagdish Pathania. A member of the organization said, “The headmaster, Rajan Bhardwaj, has confirmed the incident and tendered an apology, assuring that this will not be allowed to happen again. But that’s not enough.” The State Education Minister Suresh Bhardwaj condemned the incident and stated stern action would be taken against those accused.


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