Famous Political Debates Throughout History

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Famous Political Debates Throughout History

Here are 7 of the most famous political debates held throughout history. The list is a brief understanding of the evolution of political debates and the ones evolving. Political debates are vast and cover every aspect of our lives in a socialized world.  

1. Slavery: One of the most disputed political debates on this list is slavery. Today, most people cringe at the thought of holding another human in slave conditions but it still exists in parts of the world. The argument through the decades remain the same.

The advocates of slavery justify it by stating its benefits for the economy. The pro slavery argument says providing cheaper labor eases the economy adding that most slaves are treated well. However, the counter attack has a clear statement “Human should not be treated like animals.” Further adding that while some are treated well some are beaten to death and tortured.      

2. Voting Rights: The ability to vote and being heard is the cornerstone of modern democracy. However, there was a time a large group of Indians were barred from voting. While India was ruled by the British, Indian men and women were denied the basic right to vote. As soon as the first Indian Government was formed men and women earned the much needed right to vote.   

3. Inter Caste Marriage: One of the most aggravated political debates in India relates to marrying out of their caste. Indians use caste to segregate while the Americans had slaves. However, slavery is almost completely abolished but violence against inter caste married couples are on the rise. An analysis done back in 2014, showed only 5% of the Indian population married outside their caste.

Caste is one of the most sensitive topics in the country creating unnecessary division. There are a number of cases where families have resorted to murder to stop an inter caste marriage.   

4. Prostitution: One of the most controversial debates in India has been prostitution. The act of prostitution in ancient India was a ritual process. Earlier, there were celibate young girls dedicated to temples called Devadasi. The term Devadasi translates to God’s female servant. However, over time it was turned into ritualized prostitution.   

Prostitution is an illegal act according to the Indian Constitution but religion finds its loopholes. Debating on prostitution can be sensitive especially for women. However, can men not practice prostitution? Prostitution is ugly because of its underhanded ways but can be changed with legalization is the argument for the pro prostitutes.

At present prostitution is widely and illegally practiced in India. Thousands of girls are promised jobs in a different state and taken away to be sold as prostitutes.    

5. Climate Change: A total of 99% of the scientists in the world have agreed climate change is a very real and terrifying phenomenon. However, many politicians have begun an unnecessary political debate arguing its cause. One side argues it is a natural occurrence while the other side debates it is caused by humans.     

The ones stating humans are to blame are confident the burning of fossil fuels is contributing to climate change. However, the other side states our emissions are too small to cause the massive increase in greenhouse gases seen today.

6. Gay Marriage: Voluntarily participating in carnal intercourse against the order of nature with a man, woman or animal is illegal according to the Indian Penal Code. The Section 377 states those involved in gay relationships will be punished with life imprisonment.

However, Indians from hoteliers to IT students are finally fighting back for their rights by filing petitions to abolish the Act. The Supreme Court released a statement saying it would reconsider the 377 Section. At present, 25 countries legally allow same sex marriage.

7. Abortion: This is one of the most sensitive topics that some can consider murder. Abortion in India is legal upto 20 weeks only under a few circumstances. A woman will be allowed to undergo an abortion before 20 weeks if she is a rape survivor. The court will also allow an abortion in case the child or mother can be harmed due to complications in the pregnancy.

This order was put in place to lower the number of female infanticide cases. However, this is a clear breach of Human Rights. The opposition argues it is murder and the woman has the option to give the baby to a couple struggling to have a baby.


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